• High Quality Custom Fishing Rod

  • 25 Years Experience

  • Reasonable Prices

  • Custom Butt Design - Latest Pictures Below

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  • What does it mean to have a Quality Custom Fishing Rod? It means you can get exactly what you want in a custom fishing pole

  • You can select the Weight, Length and Speed of your new custom rod blank. You can make it be a Casting, Spinning, Trolling, Saltwater or a Fly rod with Fugi Guides (please click the Online Product Directory )  for guides. 

  • Choose that special custom Handle, -(Sizes and Prices) you desire and never can find on the factory wrapped rod you desire. This link is to the St. Croix web page. The prices change so this will be the most recent prices. They stopped putting the handle pictures on the St. Croix web page so I took a picture out of their catalog to make it easier to see exactly what the corresponding handle number from the previous link to this picture link to actually see the handle (Handle Pictures). Please check the price and size number from the sizes and prices link to the corresponding number on the handle picture link. This will show exactly what each handle will look like and make it easier for you to choose or design a perfect handle for you own personal use. 

  • You can specifically design exactly how you want you're new custom rod to look. Once you've taken to the water with one of Kelley's Custom Fishing Rods, you will want another one. You might even want to get one for a special friend or loved one. They make GREAT Christmas Presents or Birthday presents

  • I have been making and repairing fishing rods for over 25 years. I repair broken Guides and people in East Texas know me best for my ability to repair broken handles or reel seats for very reasonable prices. I use only the best, highest quality fishing rod components to create and repair fishing rods for you, my customer. Remember it's a custom fishing rod, I will create the rod to suit your particular needs so all of the choices will be up to you. 

  • My custom fishing rods usually cost  what the manufacturer's Regular Retail price is unless you want to add something special that would cause the price of parts to be a little higher (exotic handle, silicon carbide guides, etc...).

  • All Manufactures Guarantees for rods made by Kelley's Rod Wrapping Service are Honored.

  • Quality components  such as Fugi guides and handle components are used. Rod Blanks can be anything from All-star to St. Croix. A personal favorite of mine is G-Loomis. It is a shame they are no longer making custom fishing rod blanks. Although some are still available, they may be hard to find.

These are some Custom Butt Wrap Designs on recent poles

I can e-mail you pictures of Chevron, Single diamond, Double Diamond, Split diamond or any combination.

These are thumbnail pictures, please click on them to enlarge view.

KTG-142-guide.jpg (10418 bytes)

KTG-142-butt-wrap.jpg (30575 bytes)

KTG-142-Handle-Butt-Wrap.jpg (11733 bytes)

Francis' October-fest rod auction give-away prize 

KTG-141-1st-guide-Ferrule-2nd-guide.jpg (35659 bytes)

KTG-141-Butt Wrap.jpg (78802 bytes)

Brian's Brothers Present. A favorite handle with a G-Loomis edge turned into two piece rod

KTG-140-guide.jpg (7716 bytes)

KTG-140-Hook-keeper.jpg (10888 bytes)

Fly rod Repair


KTG-139 Guide.jpg (50331 bytes)

KTG-139-handle-repair.jpg (101020 bytes)

KTG-139-Reel-Seat-to-End-of-Butt-De.jpg (44966 bytes)

Jackie's Remake of an old casting rod and handle


These are customer projects as of  09-4-2012.

These pictures are subject to change.


More Rod Pictures at: previous butt design pictures

  • Custom fishing rods can be made with as many Gudebrod nylon thread color chart as you like in a custom design that makes your rod unique. Please look at the Gudebrod hyper-link, then on the left of the page connect to the Threads link. Then click on the option for Nylon NCP. This should open the page link to the actual Gudebrod thread colors. Here is where two rows of thread are displayed, Regular thread on top and NCP thread on bottom.  If needed I can mail you a Gudebrod color chart and it should be easy to choose which colors suit you best. 

  • I use Flex-coat professional rod building supplies for my finish on my new rods and varnish if requested or needed to match color on older rod repair. 

  • Choose the handle from the St. Croix page (above links), and your choice of guides. Then select any design and the thread colors of your choice for the best custom fishing pole you will ever fish with. Remember it's custom and you may design your own handle if you can not find exactly the one you want.

  • Choose your All-star, CUI Products, Graphite-USA & Hastings Rod Manufacturing Harrington Rod Company Lamiglas, Seeker, St. Croix,  or any other available blank in any available length, action, style, or weight (ultra-light, light, medium, medium heavy, heavy or extra heavy).

  • I will match any regular retail factory rod price. My rods usually start at $125-$150 plus tax.

  • Kelley's Custom Rod Wrapping Service, Kelley Galland, PO Box 1916, Lindale, TX. 75771. E-mail me for direct shipping address for rod repairs.



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